Lehrveranstaltungen – Beyond FEM

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Beyond FEM

The new elective course “Beyond FEM” is now available at LTM. This course aims the introduction into the modern and nowadays rapidly developing FEM techniques which go beyond the standard FEM course. The main requirement for students is the finished FEM or IFEM course.

Nowadays speaking about FEM means speaking about the eXtended FEM, generalized FEM, Isogeometrical analysis, Reduced order modeling, or Uncertainty propagation. These are emergent topics in science and get increased attention from industry.  This course is a brief introduction into the modern world of numerical methods and FEM solvers.

Language: English.

For more details see: https://www.ltm.tf.fau.de/lehrstuhl-fuer-technische-mechanik/lehre/lehrveranstaltungen/

And a little bonus: short written exam without exercises.