Material modelling of sheet-layered lamination stacks

Material modelling of sheet-layered lamination stacks

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Start date: 1. January 2015
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The numerical simulation of sheet-layered lamination stacks, which can be found in electric motors and transformers, is a challenging task in structural mechanics due to the layout of these components.  Depending on the manufacturing process, these sheets are either in frictional contact to each other or are linked together with the help of a bonding varnish. Especially the interlayer between individual sheets and their interaction have a strong influence on the structure and may be responsible for a nonlinear deformation behavior. In the context of performance and computational effort, it is desirable to avoid a full Finite-Element simulation incorporating every layer such that homogenization techniques are used in this project to derive a sophisticated surrogate material model, which takes the special micro-structure of these lamination stacks into account.