Meso- and Macroscopic Modelling, Simulation and Numerical Homogenization of the Behaviour of Metallic Materials in Additive Manufacturing

Mesoscopic modelling and simulation of properties of additively manufactured metallic parts (C5)

(Third Party Funds Group – Sub project)

Overall project: CRC 814 - Additive Manufacturing
Project leader: ,
Project members: ,
Start date: 1. July 2019
End date: 30. June 2023
Acronym: SFB 814 (C5)
Funding source: DFG - Sonderforschungsbereiche


Based on the gained knowledge of projects B4 and C5,
the aim of this project is to account for the influence of part borders on the
resulting material/part-mesostructure for powder- and beam-based additive
manufacturing technologies of metals and to model the resulting meso- and
macroscopic mechanical properties. The mechanical behavior of these
mesostructures and the influence of the inevitable process-based geometrical
uncertainties is modelled, verified, quantified and validated especially for
cellular grid-based structures.